We live in a world where everything gets digitized. We believe e-motor manufacturing should be next. And it should be 100% open source in favor of transparency. Engineers hate black boxes. A fully digitized e-motor manufacturer would offer you:

  • An easy to use web interface that quickly tells you “go/no go”, price, delivery date and offers you a 3D model immediately for your CAD.
  • The data from the online ordering tool is automatically processed and goes directly to the production line. Diversity does not generate additional costs.
  • The online ordering tool provides the buyer with all data about his motor including a 3D model and drawings of all motor parts. In case a replacement is needed quickly the replacement parts can be made locally.
  • The layout of the variable frequency drive (VFD) is open source and can be adapted if needed.
  • The firmware of the VFD is open source so it can be debugged if needed

It will take some time until we can ship our first motor, but we're on it!

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